Upcoming Presentation and Interview at the Shangri La Hotel Chiang Mai North Thailand 31st of December 2023

One of the strongest memories I have from my association with Don Hill's work was the reaction it caused
the day after September 11 2001. Three of his paintings sold on that surreal day, as though they served as a
reminder of the beauty still existing in the world.
I first became acquainted with Don's work the year prior to the aforementioned events and was drawn to the
continuing development of his aesthetic over a 30 year period.
Though he grew up in Ipswich and had early tuition from Frank De Silva, inspiration was eastward to the sea
and to Moreton Bay in particular.
He was not the first artist so inspired, however where the interpretation of our coastal fringes had traditionally
been of a representational kind, Don strove to convey a sense of oneness with this environment.
The works I first viewed almost five years ago contained a spiritual attachment to the coastal environment,
heightened by a relief - like depth of oil on canvas.
This interpretation carried through to the execution of the completed artwork by fashioning his stretchers by hand,
resulting in paintings that could be best described as object d art.
Over the past few years Don has turned his attention inland once more and completed a number of series of works
exploring the interaction of land, sky and cloud. He has chosen to exhibit these works in regional centres to
gauge the reaction of viewers who actually live amongst these landscapes. I look forward to observing the
evolution of Don's aesthetic in the future.
Michael Fox
Fox Galleries Melbourne